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Please choose from one of the following 6 options:


1.That lobby is in a right state – look at all those shoes everywhere, have you got no respect? This is the first thing visitors encounter when entering your house, get it  sorted out!


2.Your two children do not appear to be fighting, this is very, very strange. There can only be one possible explanation for this: your children have been taken over by ‘Pod People’ and will now start to slowly assimilate the local populace and then the world.


3. John Travolta and Olivia Newton John have been put in a ‘de-aging’ machine, and are planning to begin filming ‘Grease 3: The Younger Years’ for release on Valentine’s Day, 2017.


4.The two-year-old is teaching the FIVE-YEAR-OLD how to put on his shoes. Yes, you read that correctly, The two-year-old is teaching the FIVE-YEAR-OLD how to put on his shoes.


5.The girl is on the run after robbing a local sweet-shop and is reaching into her pocket to pull out her Walther PPK, the boy is clueless but she’s still going to involve him in her crime-spree.


6. Both children successfully teleported in the teleportation pods last night, however the girl accidentally went in with a wasp, and is now even angrier when she is woken up from her nap. The boy accidentally went in with: 16 cuddly toys, 12 books, an assortment of drawings, his school bag, and three of his friends. As yet he shows no outward signs of anything being different.


Answer: Well, number 1 is true, it was in a state, but the real answer is number 4. This may well be the shape of things to come, his sister is so far ahead of the curve it’s scary. Still, at least we know that when he gets older he will have someone to keep an eye on him!