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I’m currently working in a campsite here in a very, very hot and sunny France.

Today I had the pleasure of helping out a young Norwegian family.

They came in, looking very flustered, telling me that they needed to to see a doctor, as their eldest daughter – who was the grand old age of two – had a rash that was spreading, and they wanted to take action before it got any worse. I ran a search on the internet, printed out a list of local doctors, and gave them all the relevant info.

“Ah….. yes…..” the mother of the family said, looking at me with despair in her eyes: “But although we speak English – we don’t speak any French”.

Oh. Dear.

Luckily for them however, I’ve been living here a while, so I thought I might be up to the task. Nothing ventured nothing gained, eh?

I rang up the doctor. He answered. He clearly wasn’t a natural-born Francophone.

So here we were. A Norwegian family who didn’t speak French. An Englishman who didn’t speak French well. And a doctor from parts unknown.

Thankfully it all worked out and they managed to get an appointment for just a couple of hours later.

They will let me know if everything is ok with their little one as soon as they can.

Me? I’m just happy that my language skills are better than I expected. Or maybe it’s one of those extreme pressure-type situations, where your brain works at a higher rate than normal.

Now if I could only figure out how to make it work like that all the time…..