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A Cautionary tale…


Like me you may own a gazebo with a material roof. Like me you may also have areas where the water may gather from time to time, following a heavy night’s rain, causing slight bulges in the material. Like me you may prod these bulges from underneath in order to displace the water.

Do not be like me.

Please check the other side of the gazebo, before you prod the underside to make sure that the bulge is in fact caused by water.

Because that bulge that you think contains water may in fact be a bulge containing a cat.

And let me tell you, cats do not like to be prodded from underneath. Especially if they happen to be sleeping at the time. And cats have claws. And my gazebo roof is made of material. And, well…

So let me introduce you all to my gazebo version 2.0, now with added cat-made skylight…(if you squint you can just make out the claw marks in one of the photos).