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This really is a blog post about something and nothing. More of a gentle, mental nudge for me to remember something when I’m older.

But it’s one of those things that I don’t want to forget as I find it very, very sweet and endearing.

My daughter and I have gotten a little bit hooked on Kellogg’s Coco Pops. It happened quite by accident. We were out of our usual cereal for a while and, as the kids and I eat the same one, I decided to try an old favourite that was more readily available here in France: the aforementioned Coco Pops.

However my daughter being the gourmand that she is, she immediately wanted to try them (she’ll try absolutely anything that one).

She loved them of course.

However as she is now pretty much French she seems to struggle with the name, instead of referring to them correctly, she instead calls them ‘Popo Cops’. I love this. Her mum tried correcting her but I asked her not to as I find it so cute. A little bit of a throwback to years gone by, when they were toddlers and were trying to wrap their tongues around new words and strange, cute distortions would come out instead.

I would try her on Golden Grahams next and see what she referred to them as. Except she’s already tried them.

She refers to them as ‘cardboard‘.