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Me (English) says: ‘So here you are darling, I know that you hated having the toothbrush charger just sat on the floor so I’ve found a solution. It was a mere five euros from Troc. 5 Euros! Look at the craftsmanship!
Can you imagine finding anything like it for that price in the UK? It’ll be a conversation starter for all our friends when they come around. Our English friends will marvel at the low price, and ask questions about its original purpose, while our French friends will find the non-traditional placement of a very French piece of furniture quaint and amusing.
Did I mention it was only five euros? I really think it ties the landing together. Look at the craftsmanship. All for only 5 euros. What do you think darling?’
She (French) says: ‘Why do we have a bread bin upstairs?’