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Since moving to France, and particularly since moving into our new home, I have become somewhat obsessed with making it as lovely as possible.

And that’s a sentence I never thought I would type.

So far I have redesigned the living room, laid new floors in the upstairs bathroom and downstairs kitchen, painted the front of the house, repainted our external buildings, repainted the interior of our dependence….the list goes on. This has met with some resistance from my partner, as she sees it as me taking over control of her house and styling it to my tastes. She’s right, to a degree, but I see it another way, I see it as MY job to do this. I’m the stay-at-home dad, remember, so I have the time to do this, whereas she is busy at work, earning the pennies.

So on to the point of this blog, a little insight into what I like to do – maximise potential of items that we aren’t using. Things that are lying around, that just need a few ‘tweaks’ to bring them back to life, so to speak.

With that in mind, here’s what I did with a cupboard discarded by my Belle Mere (mother-in-law) and a Crayola table (the one with the multi-colour legs that look like crayons) that the kids had managed to break.

I sanded down the cupboard and each leg and then varnished everything. I then attached the legs to the cupboard and placed it in our kitchen.

My main goal was to make use of something that – on its own – wouldn’t work anywhere. In addition I wanted something to replace our tea-towel basket – those upright wicker-type things – as I cannot stand them. So now the tea-towels live in here and we have a bit of space on top too, to add pretty things (all marbles and wavy bottles found at brocantes).

I should add I’m no Mr DIY and also if you think it looks uneven, it may be. But equally it may be the house/floor/wall that’s uneven – we seem to be completely lacking in straight walls/floors/ceilings etc in this house (which just adds to its charm)Β