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Went to see my first film in a French cinema today – no subtitles, all in French.


It was a harrowing tale of an illegal immigrant who has made his way to England, and settled in with a family, only to have his life turned upside-down when he is wrongfully accused of burglary.


The film then follows his life as it further deteriorates after he is imprisoned.


All hope is not lost though and, with the help of his heretofore under-utilised culinary skills, he manages to charm the other prisoners, and is accepted as one of them, despite his strange mannerisms and foreign ways.


The community where he used to live is seen to fall apart without him, as he is clearly shown to be the ‘glue’ that held it all together.



I won’t spoil any more of the film, or the ending for you, but will just say that Paddington 2 is very, very good.