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Bought some furniture, decided today would be a good day to build it. Mother-in-law suggested I might like some help from her partner.


He has a short fuse. I have a short fuse.


Not a good idea.


I don’t like building flat-pack furniture with other people. The instructions suggested I should build this item with other people:




If I built this unit with 2 other people I would soon be on the front page of the French newspapers for killing 2 other people.


I really, really don’t like building flat-pack furniture.


I had an idea, maybe my new feline friend could help me:




He didn’t seem too interested, and repeatedly failed to pass me any dowels, either of my screwdrivers and not one single screw.


He was a ‘silent’ partner throughout the process. Probably for the best really…




Furniture built + cat still alive = result.


I still really, really don’t like building flat-pack furniture.