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So we come, at last, to the final day of the festival celebrating the Auld Alliance. As you read this the people who came to entertain and enthral the crowds will be packing up their kilts, deflating their bagpipes and making sure there’s enough fuel in their cars to make the long journey back to Scotland.


Except for the people who actually live here that is – they’ll just walk 100 yards to their house.


The festival co-coordinators have been lucky in their timing – the weather has been glorious throughout – which has brought the crowds and, crucially, made the crowds thirsty. My plan for next year’s festival is simple – buy lots and lots and lots of alcohol and fizzy pop and then sell it. Then the following year I will be blogging from my yacht.


If only.


Anyway, enough waffle from me, have a gander at the last lot of photographs…



No idea what the sales tactic was here? Perhaps trying to target that Planet Of The Apes/Scottish Highland Fan demographic?



Took me right back to Braveheart…’Hold!!!!’



There was seldom anyone actually monitoring this stuff, so if someone wanted to flip out – say someone who had two kids and was stressed out on a hot sunny day – then this would be the perfect/worst opportunity to do so.





These guys were trying to get volunteers to take part in the ancient game of ‘Embarrass yourself in front of your friends by getting them to try to throw a heavy weight over a giant limbo pole, fail miserably and then have to watch you do it expertly while your girlfriend looks on and sighs to herself’



It seems ‘almost’ feasible when you look at it…



Having said that even the sol called ‘experts’ messed up a few times.





Having to lower the pole…never a good sign. Still at least you aren’t doing it in front of crowds of people….



Pah! He can nearly touch it with his hand now! Amateurs* (*I still didn’t try)



Load of Knight Templar chilling out. I don’t know what the plural for a load of Knights Templar is and I’m not googling it either.





Look at the size of those two dogs! We were told they used to hunt bears, wolves and….






This looks so authentic, but she was reaching down for her iPhone.



First mismatched wresting match – the guy on the right weighed half what the guy on the left did.



Now this was clearly only ever going to end one way…


WP_20170715_16_42_08_Pro (2)

Or was it….? (he did actually let the little fellow win)


WP_20170715_16_44_54_Pro (2)

This is a bit more like it…


WP_20170715_16_45_12_Pro (2)

Yep, this one was a very evenly matched….match.


WP_20170715_16_47_54_Pro (2)

This was one of many wrestling matches between the professional Highland Wrestling Team and a group of boy (and girl) scouts who were in the area. No prizes for guessing the outcome here….


WP_20170715_16_59_04_Pro (2)


WP_20170715_17_02_12_Pro (2)


WP_20170715_17_02_23_Pro (2)


So, as Porky Pig used to say ‘the the the that’s all folks’ I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at the photographs I’ve taken during the festival. I’ve no doubt that this time next year, when the streets of my village ring out with sounds of bagpipes, I’ll be back to cover it again. Have a good one y’hear ken?