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It’s Friday afternoon, I’ve just watched the trailer for the new Alien film: Alien Covenant.


It looks like standard Alien-fare, lots of scared people running away from aliens, wishing they had made better career choices. I dismiss it, thinking it will be a decent rental, and get on with my day.


Flash-forward (remember that tv series? dreadful stuff) to 2 a.m and I’m woken by my partner, who has heard a noise and thinks there’s something in the room.


We quickly realise that it’s not inside the room – it’s in the loft above our heads.


It’s clearly an animal, you can hear its little feet scampering to-and-fro.


I say little, but at 2 a.m everything takes on added menace.


I flash-back (maybe that will make a better tv series?) to the trailer for Ridley Scott’s latest, imagining face-huggers, and acid-blooded-beasties up there.


So when my partner offers to go and fetch the ladders, so I can go up there, in the dark, and find out what it is, my response is both immediate and gallant.


‘No, I’m not going up there, let’s leave it till the morning’.


It’s the morning now.


I still haven’t been up there.


Bloody Alien films!