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So we’ve been living in Aubigny-sur-Nère for just over two months now and I thought it was high time that I shared a few shots of this beautiful place.


For a bit of history on the town I will defer to that esteemed internet resource, Wikipedia, which I will now shamelessly copy and paste from:


Aubigny-sur-Nère is a commune in the Cher department in the Centre region of France. An area of forestry and farming surround this small, light industrial town, situated in the valley of the river Nère. It is some 30 miles (48km) north of Bourges at the junction of the D940, D924, D30 and the D923 roads.


First known as Albinacum in Roman times, the commune was established as a royal town in 1189 by Phillip II. This is the location by which the Duke of Gordon gets his honorific title, as the Duke of Aubigny. In 1419, John Stewart of Darnley, a junior member of the House of Stuart, arrived in France with a large contingent of Scottish soldiers, to fight for Charles VII. He was awarded many titles, among them the Lordship of Aubigny. The family stayed here for 400 years.

Aubigny is a common tourist destination for Scots and others from the United Kingdom. The commune is very attached to the Auld Alliance due to its 400 years of French-Scottish history and is the only place in France that still celebrates this long association each year, on Bastille Day. It is twinned with the Scottish town of Haddington East Lothian.


You still with me? Did you get all that? Because I will be asking questions at the end of the photograph section!


It’s difficult to stop once you get started taking photographs here, there’s that much that is appealing to the eye you see. It particularly ‘pops’ when the weather is with you, as it was when I captured it in the following pictures.



I hope you enjoyed looking at these shots of my town, so now, when I go on about how happy I am living here, you may be able to appreciate the reasons why.


Also the local baker’s chocolate balls are to die for: