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I’m an open-minded kind of guy, I don’t mind what my son plays with, so when his sister had a nap and he got stuck into her Barbie collection I didn’t bat an eye.




I’m not into enforcing gender-stereotyped roles onto my children via their choice of plaything, so he can mess around with these all day long if he wants. That being said, this picture will more than likely be brought out, and displayed, to his friends on his 18th birthday. And everyone else in the chosen venue. On a massive screen. Because I’m a great dad you see :-).


I do feel sorry for Ken though, have a look for yourself, he got short-changed during this play-session:




My son wouldn’t understand the reference, and I wouldn’t use it in his presence, but I think my son has turned Ken into Barbie’s ‘bitch’. Yes, I’ve seen Prison Break, The Shawshank Redemption, Oz etc and this guy would now fit right in with the ‘cons’ in those prisons. I do hope Ken can get over it, maybe an intensive training session with Action Man will restore his masculinity.


That is, of course, unless my son gets his hands on Action Man first…