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Let me preface this blog post by stating that this is very immature on my part and, you know what? I don’t care. This had me in fits of giggles when I saw it, I hope it amuses you too. Bear in mind that these photos weren’t taken over a period of days, they were taken on the same night.


My son loves his bath-time toys, but maybe not as much as they love each other…



‘Come here’ says somewhat short Mr T-Rex, ‘come here, and give me some loving’. ‘If it’s all the same with you’ says Mr Ankylosaurus ‘I’d rather not’.



‘Come on in’ says Minecraft Steve ‘I’m hot to trot and ready to go’. ‘I don’t think so pal’ says Minecraft Diamond Steve ‘Unless there’s a third wheel this party ain’t getting started’.



‘Rid romerody ray third wheel?’ says Scooby, shuffling backwards in the direction of Minecraft Steve’s head ‘Errr, On second thoughts..’ begins Minecraft Steve. ‘Too late now’ says Minecraft Diamond Steve…



‘Hot damn girl’ says random young deer ‘You gots it all going on back there, umm umm that booty be mighty fine’. ‘Hang on a minute’ says random mother deer ‘Aren’t you my son? I’m sure we came packaged together’.





I may be reading too much in to all this…