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I buy game on eBay.


I see same game listed later on eBay bundled with other game for a great price.


I buy this bundle and decide to sell original game to lower overall cost.


I find photo of game.


I copy-and-paste French description of game.


I start to input details in listing.


Listing tells me I have address in France and yet country of residence is UK.


I understand this.


I correct this.


Listing wants to know what method of postage I will provide.


I understand this.


It will be free.


After three attempts I locate ‘free postage’ option.


There are still red words everywhere.


Something is wrong.


I want to put my game on a buy-it-now.


I am a busy man*.


I want it off my hands.


I want to sell it for 40 Euros.


OK, I’ll try 42.


I input the price: 42.00 Euros.


There is red writing everywhere.


Something is wrong with the price.


Maybe I should try 40.00 Euros.


I do.


There is red writing everywhere still.


This goes on for some time.


I get up.


I leave the room.


I pick up hammer and go back in room and look at lap-top.


I put hammer back.


I try again.




42.00 is not the answer to life, the universe and everything.


There is still red writing everywhere.


Then it hits me.


I input 42,00.


There is now no more red writing.


The game is listed.


I send a message to my partner regarding the lack of decimal points.


‘Welcome to France’ she texts back.




*No, I just can’t be bothered with waiting