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For the uninitiated a lollipop man is a man/woman who stands at the side of a Zebra crossing, ensuring that vehicles stop so the children can safely cross the road. Lollipop men/women take their name from the brightly-coloured giant lollipop-like signs they hold, this catches drivers’ attentions and they then stop (or accelerate, depending on who’s behind the wheel). In the UK they usually look exactly as the chap in the picture above, generally retired and with an affable, approachable nature.


They do not look like this in France.


The lollipop man in our old village in the UK was called Paul.


I think the French lollipop man is called TK100016.


Paul wore a hi-viz jacket and whatever clothes he had decided to put on that day.


French lollipop man wears standard issue uniform. Standard issue for the riot police anyway.


Paul would always have a friendly word to say to you, and would ask how the kids were doing.


The French lollipop man shouted at me today because I slightly jogged over the crossing.


After his shift ended Paul could often be seen walking his dog around the village.


As soon as his shift ends the French lollipop man plugs himself in to recharge.


Paul liked gifts at Christmas, and would never refuse a bottle of wine.


I think if I gave the French lollipop man any kind of gift he would immediately, and violently, arrest me, considering it an attempt to bribe a government official.


Paul had a lollipop.


I’m 95% sure the French lollipop man has a taser. He definitely doesn’t have a lollipop.


Paul let us take his picture once, for one of my son’s school projects.


If I attempted to take a photo of the French lollipop man he would pick me up by my throat with one hand, with his other he would take my phone off me and crush it.


Paul used his lollipop to stop traffic.


French lollipop man uses his eyes.


I liked Paul.


French lollipop man scares me.