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Me: ‘have you had a good day then?’


My Son: ‘Yes, I really enjoyed it’


Me: ‘Did you talk to lots of other children?’


My Son: ‘Yes, and I made friends with a girl from London’


Me: ‘Wow! So there’s another English girl there?’


My Son: ‘Yes she doesn’t speak much English, just ‘oui”


Me: ‘Errrrr…’


My Son: ‘And she has London on her t-shirt’


Me: ‘Wait…so was she from London or did she just have London on her t-shirt?’


My Son: (talking to me in a tone reserved for simpletons) ‘She was from London!’


Me: ‘Oh great, so you have an English friend then?’


My Son: ‘Yes, but she doesn’t talk much English’


I give up at this point and turn my attention to my daughter, who is happily munching an apple.


Me: ‘Did you have a good first day?’


My Daughter: ‘Yes!’


Me: ‘Did you talk to many people?’


My Daughter: (smiling) ‘I didn’t talk to anybody’




We found out a couple of days later that the girl in question was not actually English, she just wore a t-shirt with ‘London’ written on it. Honestly, six-year-olds, eh? The Enigma machine has nothing on them!