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Blues Singer Muddy Waters In The Studio

(Sing-along to the tune of ‘Bad To The Bone’)

It’s 1.30 in the morning.

My daughter’s just woken up.

She’s full of cold and coughing.

And she aint in the nicest of moods.

She’s crawled in our bed.

And kicked my ass out.

‘Cos she lays like a starfish.

And moves all about.

So here I am.

No bed of my own.

Consigned to the sofa.

In my son’s bedroom.

He’s sniffing and coughing.

But he’s fast asleep.

He keeps sniffing and coughing.

As I watch the digital clock.

It’s 2.38 now.

I’m wide awake.

‘Cos he’s sniffing and coughing.

And this sofa ain’t ideal.

I stare at the ceiling.

Listening to the sniffs and the coughs.

Everyone’s asleep.

But I’m stuck here.

I turn over.

And I look at the clock.

It’s 3.47 in the morning.

And I’ve got the blues.

‘In the ‘morning’.

I’m going to the shop.

Gonna buy me some earplugs.

Before I’m sad to the bone.

Sad to the bone.

S-S-S-S Saaaaad…

Sad to the bone.