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It’s a sunny, but chilly, Tuesday dinnertime. We are sat together having dinner, my daughter, my son and I.


I have the two of them due to the half-term holidays which are, so far anyway, going well.


Today’s dinner of choice is fish and chips, the film? Finding Dory.


The inappropriateness of this combination may be lost on the kids, but it’s not lost on me.


We all devour the meal in short order and sit through the shenanigans on-screen in Pixar’s latest animated masterpiece.


It’s towards the end of the film and, while not wanting to spoil anything, there’s a moment set to Louis Armstrong’s Wonderful World, that’s both hilarious and uplifting.


My son turns to me, his large eyes glistening ‘Daddy’, he says, ‘Why are my eyes wet?’.


‘It’s because you are happy’ I tell him ‘They’re tears of joy’.


I expected a great deal from this film, and it ticked every box…and then it went and ticked one that I never expected it to…


What a wonderful world indeed….