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We spent a pleasant afternoon strolling around our village yesterday, helping my son do his homework. As part of an Autumn-focused project he had to go round collecting examples of the changes in the season, so browning leaves, acorns, conkers etc.


Conkers are annoying aren’t they? It seems like when you don’t want one you can’t move for the pesky things – they’re all over the floor, they fall on your head, bounce of your car bonnet as you are driving along. Then, when you actually want a few, they vanish! I think it’s some big conker-conspiracy, designed to make desperate parents pay extortionate sums to conker dealers around the globe, so their child can complete his homework.


But I digress.


We managed to find all the items on the list including some unusual looking acorns and, with the aid of a very pleasant local lady, even found a lovely conker. We headed home and put the bag of nature’s goodies to one side and left it.


Then this morning the kids were very surprised to discover that one of the ‘unusual looking acorns’ wasn’t an acorn at all!:





Yes, we’d brought a little baby snail home with us instead! It’s made the kids’ day and we will look after him and make sure he has a lovely new home in the garden. But far away from my flowers of course!


Oh and if you’re wondering, yes they did give him a name: Oliver.