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I was playing it loose I was playing it fast, chilling with the kids and having a blast.


Then one day from out of the blue I get a call from a lady ‘I’ve got a job for you!’


‘A job for me?’ that can’t be right, ‘oh yes’ she said, and I got a fright.


See I’ve been staying at home for two years now, playing with the kids and preparing their chow.


Can I jump back in to that big adult sea? Will I sink or swim easily?


So now the real world beckons and knocks at my door,ย  I knew it was a call I couldn’t ignore.


The hours sounded good,ย  the job prospects too, I decided to take a risk and said ‘Yes Please, oh and Thank You’


So here I am, two days out of five, working with adults, and my brain’s come alive.


They talk about drinking, they talk about fun, I don’t have to feed them, and I don’t wipe their bum (s).


It’s early days yet, but the outlook is bright, I do miss my kids but I think that’s alright.


The hours apart are good for them, and for me, and when I see them after work my heart jumps with glee.


So here I am, half the stay-at-home dad that I used to be, but don’t feel bad, because now I’ve got money to spend on goodies… for me!