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It’s true, I would.


I’d rather be finding out more about Saul’s brother’s affliction, and how it manifested.


I’d rather be learning more about Mike, and how he eventually gets into bed – not literally – with Gustavo Fring.


And I could find out more about his daughter-in-law, and what mental anguish is causing her to think she hears gunshots late at night.


I could find my empathy going out to Saul’s luckless girlfriend, Kim, stuck in the basement all because she chose to hitch her wagon to a horse of ill-repute.


And of course there’s the glorious Saul himself, a slippery loveable rogue, whose best intentions look more than likely of scuppering things for a few people.


I’d rather watch that.


I really would.


But I can’t.


Because my son’s at home, off school, with diarrhoea (yes, I had to copy and paste that word).


So what am I watching?


Mr Popper’s Penguins.


The seminal 2011 Penguin-themed flick starring Jim Carrey and Carla Gugino.


It’s also got Clark Gregg from Agents Of Shield in it too. This fact makes me like it even less.


That is as much information as I want to give on this film.


I never want to see it again.


Oh well Saul, tomorrow is another day, and hopefully the poorly tummy will go away.