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I could have been a titan of industry, sailing the seven seas, on a yacht filled to overflowing with truffles, fine wines and fine ladies.

I could have been a contender.

I could have been a pilot, flown the world, a girl in every port and all those old stereotypes.

I could have conquered the globe, planned strategies, helped starving people escape tyranny and made the world a better place.

But I didn’t.

I stayed home instead.

I looked after the kids.

I love it.

But sometimes I wonder.

About the days of my youth, when the future was unmapped and unknown.

When anything could have happened.

Did I ever foresee a day, in my bright and shiny future, where I would get excited by the prospect of having an additional 12 knives in the cutlery drawer to equalize the knife – fork ratio?

That day, as unexpected as it was, back in those halcyon days of my youth, has come to pass.

No more for me the late nights and carefree carousing. No more for me the 4pm wake-up times, followed by a Pot Noodle breakfast/dinner. No more nights gaming till 6am.


Now I fill my days running stock-checks and ironing and doing the dishes and…

…waiting eagerly for the arrival of cutlery to fill the utensil-deficit in the kitchen.

This is how I get my rocks off now.

And I wouldn’t change it for the world.