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I had plans for today, after the car’s MOT was underway.

Off to the park, just me and my boy, having a lark.

But the heavens have opened and the rain has come, so that plan’s scuppered, and now where’s the fun?

We’re doomed to stay indoors out of the rain, we can just watch TV, for my son it’s fine but for me it’s a pain.

So we head to the place where we both feel fine, whatever the weather, come rain or shine.

It’s a big old house and it belongs to grandpa, he’s always got lollies and even the odd Mars bar.

We settle in and turn on the box, I read the papers, my son watches telly and munches some chocs.

I’ve got him a treat as he’s spending the day indoors, a Simpson’s Lego figure, a series I know he adores.

With eager fingers he pulls off the wrapper, he pulls out his prize and gives me a thankful smacker.

‘Who is this?’ he cries holding the figure aloft, I recognised the plunger, the tattoos, the red hair and so I coughed:

‘Groundskeeper Willie’, I watch my boy’s face, it wrinkles with glee and he looks down at his ‘special place’.

‘Willy!’ he cries, his eyes light with glee, ‘It can also be a name!’ I blurt out desperately.

He’s having none of it, and points merrily at his ‘bits’ ‘Willy! Willy! Willy’ he collapses in fits.

The day passes by and the rain hammers down, but the room is always filled with laughter, and there’s nary a frown.

It could have been much worse I think, as the day draws to a close, we’ve had a day filled with laughter and love and there’s never too many of those.

The phone tinkle merrily, on its stand in the hall, it’s the man at the garage and he’s got news that casts a pall.

The car’s failed its test and I’m going to be spending some money, to go on its suspension or else it will drive funny.

It’s a costly end to a lovely day, but we’ve had some fun and haven’t let rain get in the way.